Based on Official Letter of Duty Number: 053/UN10.44/LL/2015, dated on January 2, 2015, in order to achieve its mission PPIKID UB creates organizational structure consisting of head, secretary, six team members, and five staffs.

Struktur Organisasi-rev3

Curriculum vitae of each personnel can be seen at Human Resources.

According to the organizational structure. PPIKID UB establishes principal and functional duties of each personnel as follows:

  1. Formulating general policy in terms of improving the quantity, quality, and citation of lecturers’ and post graduate students’ scientific articles in international publication.
  2. Designing a plan or work program, leading and organizing (managing and distributing task and responsibilities, delegation to subordinates in performing task)
  3. Controlling and evaluating the activity performances to increase the quantity and quality of lecturers’ and postgraduate students’ scientific articles in international publication
  4. Assigning mandate to subordinates in performing task
  5. Being responsible for activities under the program of each section
  6. Chairing the meeting of team coordination
  7. Being responsible for the report to Rector
  1. Representing the head during the absence in case of particular constraints
  2. Assisting the head in organizing and evaluating task performance
  3. Scheduling the meeting for team coordination
  4. Performing administrative activities
Team Members
  1. Being the PIC to perform activities
  2. Attending meetings of coordination team
  3. Evaluating the feasibility of lecturers’ and students’ international publication
  4. Evaluating the feasibility of international seminar proposals
Data and Finance Staff
  1. Documenting data of activity output
  2. Handling administration and financial management
Information and Service Staff
  1. Providing information and services to clients
  2. Managing the website
General Affair Staff
  1. Documenting and managing facilities and intrastructure
  2. Welcoming and managing clients who require assistance
  3. Filing documents