To support the image and rank of Brawijaya University as World Class Entrepreneurial University, efforts must be achieved, some of which are the increase of lecturers’ scientific article international publication related to its number, quality, and citation index as well as the number of UB website browser. They are significant aspects used by the ranking board for world universities in order to determine the rank of a university whether it is a world class university.

In addition, PPIKID supports the implementation of regulations No. 224/PER/2010 and No. 225/PER/2010 issued by Rector of Brawijaya University about The Guidance of Administering Thesis as Final Assignment in Post-Graduate Program Education and Dissertation as Final Assignment in Doctorate Program particularly in Article 8 Verses 3,4,5 regarding the obligation to publish scientific articles as a part of thesis and dissertation in either national or international journal or seminar to be a qualification either to take or to replace the final evaluation.