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To Lecturers as the Participants of Workoshop 2014 Herewith we attach the material presented by Prof. Kuswanto (Editor in Chief of Agrivita) For downloading, please click [Material] Thank you. Regards, Committee

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Dear Lecturers of Brawijaya University as Participants of Training and Workshop in Writing and Publishing Articles 2014 Due to technical reason, hereby we are sorry to inform that there are some changes regarding the time and venue for two workshops (previously 10-11 June 2013 and 12-13 June 2014, at Agrowisata Hotel, Batu). The two events […]

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Based on Letter of Rector No. 5924/ UN10/ PG/ 2013 and some requirements namely: Citations are from period of 2009-2013 Candidates must be PNS UB lecturers Candidates must report “My Citation” of Google Scholar version to citation.ub@gmail.com at the latest December 15, 2013 The award is not available for the committee, herewith we announce the […]

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To All Lecturers University of Brawijaya Based on the letter No. 5262/UN10/AK/2013 dated on 28 October 2013 [Letter], herewith we attach the manual of how to make “My Citation” provided by Google Scholar. For the manual, please click [My Citation]. The information about international publications and citations in your “My Citation” are significant to determine […]

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To: All Participants of Training and Workshop 2013 UB Lecturers of Natural and Social Programs Training and Workshop held by PPIKID-UB for UB Lecturers of Social Programs which previously would be held on November 1-2, 2013, will be changed in terms of its time and venue due to some considerations. The activity is merged with […]

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PPIKID will hold another Training and Workshop of Writing Scientific Articles for International Publication in the end of October and the beginning of November 2013. Welcome participants are UB lecturers who are currently studying in doctorate programs. For further details please click following links: 1. Natural and Engineer Sciences [Letter and Schedule] [Registration Form] 2. […]

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Yth. Para Peserta Konsinyiring Penulisan Artikel Ilmiah Dosen UB yang sedang Studi Program Doktor PPIKID selaku panitia kegiatan Konsinyiring Penulisan Artikel Ilmiah Publikasi Internasional menginformasikan bahwa acara yang sedianya dilaksanakan pada tanggal 17-18 Desember 2012 akan DITUNDA dalam kurun waktu yang belum bisa ditentukan karena: 1. Jumlah peserta belum memenuhi kuota 2. Pelaksanaan kegiatan yang […]

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