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Prof.Kuswanto, the Editor-in-Chief of AJAS (AGRIVITA, Journal of Agricultural Science) and member of PPIKID team, had written officially the newest development of AJAS which was successfully accredited by Scopus since this year of publication.

According to mailing list of UB “AGRIVITA MASUK SCOPUS” dated September 11, 2013 and AJAS’ official sites (http://agrivita.ub.ac.id/index.php/agrivita/announcement) regarding Scopus Indexing for AJAS, the journal could be categorized as one of the best accredited scientific journals in Indonesia. Thus, it joined other 15 Indonesian journals and became the first journal in University of Brawijaya which had already been Scopus indexed.

Following the success of AJAS, Prof.Kuswanto explained that it was not an easy responsibility to manage a journal to be recognized as an international one. He had to face some pressures when he made a decision to change the journal from national level (using Indonesian language) into international level (using English) in 2010. “Another critical decision also occurred related to articles to be published. When an article was accepted, sometimes we had difficulty dealing with uncooperative authors,” added he.

He hoped that other international journals in UB would be more motivated by this news and AJAS could provide great contribution in citation index as an indicator of world class university for UB. Also, he is willing to share experiences, strategy and beneficial tips for other lecturers anywhere regarding how to nurture and bring an international scientific journal to be a better one in the future.